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Donald Sawyer III
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Donald Sawyer III I came across Scribe on Facebook. We hooked up for an interview on my blog. You can find it on
I checked out his album​ and I really liked his uniqueness. He is a very passionate guy about social issues. I'm glad I have met such a talented guy. Favorite track: On My Way (FTH).
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The tagline "We All Start Somewhere" is the heart of this album. Originally intended to be a 6 song EP, Origins came to be a blend of Rap & Spoken Word telling the story of Scribe on his journey to maturity. Using raw emotion, lyricism and story telling, Scribe paints an honest picture of his life. From taking transit, to struggling with mental illness/addiction, to spitting straight bars for the heck of it, Origins is a roller coaster of emotions with a truly unique sound.


released October 3, 2015

Lyrics: Joshua "Scribe" Watkis, Myles Castello (Walk of Shame chorus)
Production: Brett Klassen (2,3,4,6,8,9,11,12,13,) Jake Bursey (10,15)
Mixing & Mastering: Tony Chaos



all rights reserved


Scribe Toronto, Ontario

Armed with an arsenal of pain, passion & a pen, Toronto native Scribe is a vivid storyteller through the arts of Hip-Hop & Spoken Word. His sharp lyricism & bold presence give his audience a clear picture of his world. Whether it's crowds of 20 in bars, or opening for The Roots in front of over 3000 at the 2015 Para Pan Am Games, the Emcee/Poet Scribe brings the same electric vibe to every show. ... more

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Track Name: Begin
We all start somewhere
We’re all similar, kicking and screaming fighting our way into this world
And if we don’t start that way, we pick up the habit pretty quick
But that’s all prologue, all prequel, all backstory and separate credit intro
We all start somewhere
For me it was age fourteen
I wrote my very first sixteen hoping to record it on garageband with my boys
In the heat of the Scarborough summer
Nirushan and Akin sat back, faces peeling into ear to ear grins
As they realized this wasn’t a joke for me
We were going to try and make it in music
I recorded one track on my mamas Macbook computer mic and I felt like the man
It never took off
Never bloomed into a beautiful booming business
But it was the spark for a future flame.
Writing has always been a part of me but now bars were my preference
I practiced Tupac, Kanye, Lauryn Hill, B.I.G
Snoop Dogg, G- Unit and Bone Thugs N Harmony lyrics
Until I thought my jaw might fall off
We all start somewhere
Like trying to choose where you sit on your very first day of orientation
We all start somewhere
Like the moment on the playground where you choose to be
A bystander, ally, victim, or survivor
We all start somewhere
Like scrapped knees and bloody knuckles
From your first fall learning to ride your two wheeler
We all start somewhere
Like standing in front of a classroom with a Bristol board or power point… no
Like standing on stage under a spotlight with a microphone
Knees knocking faster than nickey-nine door pranksters
Like explaining to your parents you just dropped out of University
To pursue your art
Like telling the woman sitting across from you on the bus
That she may have the most curious and alluring smile you have ever seen
Like leaning into your first kiss with someone you have fallen in love with
We all start somewhere
Like me, sitting in the kitchen
Writing the first track for what I thought was going to be a six song EP
We all start somewhere
Like me, in front of this mic, praying to Jesus this sounds right
And you feel the same way about my raps as I do about what I write
We all start somewhere
Where that old spark ignites and makes my vocal chords a torch
And my tongue a flame thrower, my saliva something like gasoline
So I can spit fire
We all start somewhere
And this, this is where I begin
And these… are my Origins
Track Name: Straight Jab
Straight Jab and no Hook/ Straight Jab and no Hook/Straight Jab and no hook/

(Verse 1)
Homie I wrote this verse above your frame of reference/ Literally plane altitude/ My mental masterpieces make many men miss my magnitude/ Mangled mazes made multiple mutilations/ Meta morphing my memories molding musical mass mutation/ Mixing Mickey’s made miniature mouse manifestations/ Maybe multiplying my massive metaphors, Mila Molten/ Got bars that’s hotter than Kunis melt martians who else could do this/ Some be in denial that my river like flow is fluid/ Too rapid for them to raft so they drowning, looking stupid/ Once they get it though, most doubters get shot in the heart like Cupid/ Was sniping at point blank, I won’t draw any to prove it/ There we go, I’m warming up like a furnace/ In case you ain’t catch my drift, I’m spitting weak bars on purpose/ Drop your call when I spit start listening like it’s sermons/ My bars fly higher than mars take that treat like it’s Sunday service


(Verse 2)
I’m more hungry in this game than Everdeen could ever be/ Cerebral assassinate those under this Hunters Pedigree/ Peddle me never, Cineplex grind for me cheddar/ Gouda, Swiss, Motza, and Feta so ill, getting better, so I still/ Weather the flare and the seasons that lack my pleasure/ I roll with the Son as ruler that’s perfect straight shine forever-more/ Singing hallelujah choruses like Paramore/ I’m bored with lames who keep saying that I can’t score/ When they could never walk a mile in my shoes, and if they could/ I bet their legs might feel real heavily bruised I bet they would/ Try to knock on it but their craters to my comet/ I’m stomach flu to their vomit/ A force with no Sith to stop it/ No snakes on my team but once or twice I’ve heard slithers/ Ain’t worried bout no rats since my sensai’s stronger than splinter/ Face my lyrical heat and liars like lilies wither/ Or jhave their egos beaten black and blue the Gros Sisters/
(HOOK 2)
Throw them Haymakers though! Throw them Haymakers though! Go on throw them Haymakers though

(Verse 3)
Abstract attack act and align/ Bump blasting bass between beelines/ Cats crave construction Don’t decline/ Each easy effort eats Felines/ Flatlines fakes, Generates grotesque gambles, growing hatred handles/ Hardly having handled inadequate, infallible/ Impractical jokers jesting Jesus just jabbered jokingly/ Keep kindling lamentations lacerations loose lifelines limitations/ Making maces most masons might mold now nations need notifications/ Our outlooks only obtained of our outside observations/ Pushing previous palpitations past Paramours preservations/ Question queens qualifications quite quickly quiet quotations/ Repeal resort reservations rap rapid real raw rotation/ Simultaneously sign signature so sinister similar sensation/ Taking two tries, too tempered to tackle trivial temptation/ Urging undertakers underground ugly ultrasounds/ Under ultraviolet ultimately urging ultraviolence/ Viewing witless xenophobes yelling zealous zone/ All these doubters are prone they don’t even know/ Some don’t know what they get, the alphabet/ Alliteration times twenty six verbally be Tony Hawk tongue flipping tricks/ Metaphors no stones and sticks to break your bones/ Pump your skull full of vocal tones and watch your whole dome split/ Hit like JFK but by DGK’s packing AK47s/ Was not a okay when the chopper sprayed he ain’t ever seeing Heaven/ See they’re broken squares and I’m running circles round em like a scope/ Pop shots for their cardiac aim to arrest that heart with hope/ I never pack heat but I fire spit heat like deep friars/ Ain’t a snitch but I stay wired waging war on wack empires/ Be a liar to say we’ve been okay, been down in real dire straints/ Could keep rapping to complain but I’m trusting in that name… Saints/
Track Name: Gon' Get It
You can’t fight for your life without killing that is a fact/ I’m not living to kill these cats I’m a train and I murder tracks/ With my raps they be under wraps and by that I mean body sacks/ Can’t be gentle I make em crack Michael Ore contact/ Come against a saint that’s dangerous for your health/ Despite your wealth I got longer life on the shelf/ Fighting tooth and nail and you crying out for help?/ Look, brother I may own the drill but you screwed yourself/ I’m Usain meets the energizer bunny/ Flow is so cold it gets all of your noses runny/ Still an average joe I work minimum wage for money/ But I’m heir to a throne I’m so rich it ain’t even funny/ Grind Never Stops that’s the motto so I perspire/ Crush Every Limit call me monster truck tires/ They say it’s a long shot, don’t stoke the fire/ Cause I’m a C.O.G and I be a lyrical sniper

And if the bars stay ill but the verse sound wack/ We just came to have fun and we care bout that/ We gon get it (Aye) We gon get it (Aye)/ We gon get it (Aye) We gon get it (Aye)/ And if the flow stay strong and the lines all tight/ Then we did our job and we’ll rock all night/ We gon get it (Aye) We gon get it (Aye)/ We gon get it (Aye) We gon get it (Aye)/

(Verse 2)
Should you rise up like Wayne I will strike you like Bane/ Crack your dome like cocaine leave your brain insane/ Drip and drain every vein in your vain membrane/ Until your frame is the very dust from which it came/ That was to my old self, now to these heathens/ If hip-hops dead why your speakers still bleeding?/ Why you clutching at the bass hoping the beat will keep you breathing/ Bumping basics like Beliebers to have something to believe in/ So we’re here to seize your brain new terrain for the troops/ Fighting through a sea of men call it blue man group/ Our lines stretch for weeks they get strong as months move/ Years pass we’ll still echo in two thousand twenty two/ They say rapping’s a game so I guess I’ll play it like bop it/ Spinning twisting and flicking then pop it until I’m stopping/ No pause button on my life so my coffin is where I’m stopping/ Feed me beats I’m cookie monster I look once and get to chomping/


(Verse 3)
Used to be ten twenty five on the grind to survive/ Not enough to live in comfort while you trying to thrive/ But I got one hell of a stomach hunger keeps me alive/ Running the race I keep in stride keeping that pace until I die/ Or until God shakes me, wakes me, takes me up/ In a room full of geese man I’m tryna duck/ I ain’t here to run in circles I spent my life jumping hurdles/ When opportunity shows I won’t let it cut/ Step in the booth and wreck it like a natural disaster/ Incinerate the mic to ash Pokemon master/ Try to spit with substance now and then anti matter/ Only accept the praise I deserve won’t stay flattered/ Cause I’m Tdot’s own and I’m still unknown/ From Scarbs out to Rex GTAs been home/ Got a raised mind state like my brains Skydome/ See and tower over it all like my heights full grown/ Yup
Track Name: Pent Up (Interlude)
When I was a little boy I learned a trick to keep me safe
I created a space where if I felt threatened
I could tune out harsh words and corporal punishment with conversation
A place to freely speak my mind
An entirely alternate universe where the free flow of my thoughts kept me pure
But water is only as pure as the vessel that contains it is pure
And my life came without a filter.
Never speaking my mind outside its confines
Made my brain a terrifying plane of existence
Where conversation turned detonation for long durations of time
Where I developed a God complex full of wrath
Pent up emotions boiled like magma
Bubbling in my bones
Bursting forth in spurts of rage or whenever I felt unsafe
And growing up like I did, that was almost every day
Eventually, I got too old to play pretend
But I still kept it all under wraps
Slapped my own wrist
Letting the tension form knots in my back
Not knowing the cost of how it would make me react
When the pent up tension in my home finally snapped
My step father
Decided to pop off his excess stress on my back and neck
By shoving me back into a set of steps
And then squeezing my throat like it was his own personal stress ball
Until my head felt ready to pop
And suddenly my vision went
Track Name: Who's Gon' Save Us
I got lungs full of lead by the way I’m breathing/ Cold heart in my chest like my blood is freezing/ Parched throat so no one can hear my soul screaming/ Heavy thoughts I can’t exercise my minds demons/ Seasoned, I spring to fall from what I believe in/ Seasoned, I cook death for its taste I’m fiending/ Seasoned, been here so long I forget the reason/ Weathered, lost my flare and all my feelings/ Life is robotic repetition in my system/ Don’t care for it, hardly there for it/ More of a perpetrator when I play the victim/ Act defenseless, ‘for I play the blitz/ Lately looking in the mirror makes my teeth grit/ Like I got a mouthful of ‘em and my speed stick/ Can’t cover up my stench in my sickness I wallow/ Won’t spit out my pride but I’ll choke if I swallow/ I keep it inside because without it I’m hollow/ Say the sun will rise I only see dark tomorrows/ Voices telling me tasting barrels will end my sorrow/ Evil angel beckons, I’m tempted to follow/

I can’t count the number of massacres I made in my head/ Lost track of all the times that I have wished my family dead/ I get flashbacks as cashback thinking of my past/ they cloud my vision each time I look ahead, storms brewing/ I can feel the tension in my tendons/ Moral compass saying I’m going the wrong direction/ Upon inflection, I notice my self-deception/ Made the statement hundreds of times, here’s its correction/ I’m not okay, I’m not alright/ And every time I fight the truth it could cost me my life/ Literally killing me softly every second I stay silent/ Buying lies until I black out and get violent/ I hate the fact, that I’m angry all the time/ Pain is cannibalistic, eating me alive/ I dare another person to tell me that I’ll be fine/ I’m finally done acting feel like I’m losing my mind/

Snap back
The lines between reality and fiction are blurring
But I don’t need any more stigma
Black skin and mental health are already taboo
Get help? Try it when it’s you!
When it feels like your grandfather’s dementia has skipped a generation
Coming fifty years too early
When you realize you aren’t safe in your home or your head
When you realize you’re probably safer dead
Tell me you wouldn’t do what I do
Keeping it all
Pent up
Track Name: Walk of Shame (Feat. Myles Castello)
Head bowed, eyes half closed slow strides/ Sidewalks, dodge cracks, made moms cry/ With lies now truth can’t help my case/ Filthy hands cover my face/ Embrace it today the walk of shame/ For like the eighteenth time, I can feel the strain/ Tell me how the hell I’m supposed to talk to God again/ When I wear sin on my neck like it’s a limestone chain/ While I dive into a lake of confessional paper cranes/ The paper cuts bleed enough to make Sahara out my veins/ And it’s strange, God I thought You’d save me by now/ Down and out, I thought that You would raise me by now/ Soul in drought, I thought that You were reigning right now/ You said You were my fortress but I’m breaking somehow/ Guilt on my hands and I can’t get the stains out/ So I entertain doubts as I’m numbing my pain out/ Like damn

Head down, walk of shame, no one no one can, feel my pain. Head up, I call your name, take my take my hand, down the lane.
Been a long while since I last flashed a real smile/ Been ever longer since I felt loved/ To be honest lately I’ve preferred lust/ The feelings more appealing at first like love bugs/ But the more I try to live with its lies its lethal/ Cause it’s not bodies that I’m sinning against, it’s people/ To every woman that I’ve used, should have treated you regal/ Used you like heroine instead, leaving us feeble/ And even if it’s to cope every excuse is a joke/ There’s never reason to babble about a lesser evil/ Donning a suit of armor like I’m Don Chedal/ Replacing light hues in deepening darker sequels/ If I’m honest my heart’s still cracked, still broken/ I leave my arms wide but my hearts not open/ Pains unspoken, it has been for years/ So much so, I’ve picked back up the bottle, cheers/


I wake up my hands shaking, heart racing/ Vomit all on my clothes, vodkas what I’m tasting/ Mind racing tryna trace my thoughts I’m steady pacing/ Back and forth across my memory it’s black out vacant/ Gotta slow down, you home now/ I can’t let anyone know I’ve lost control now/ So ashamed of what I’ve done can’t even look at the sun/ Was piss drunk, can’t act like I was even having fun/ Liquor to my liver as deadly as lead shots/ Supposed to be leading youth groups but there’s knots/ In my gut, I’m a hypocrite help me Jesus I’m sick of it/ I need your grace to change me, You say that it has no limit so/ Head raised, eyes half closed slow strides/ Fold hands, bow knees, heave deep sighs/ I know I won’t be perfect, but to know You is worth it/ And if I can love You, I will try/
Track Name: The Genesis (Feat. Bethany Lahn)
This Is the Genesis you stand on the precipice/ Of change in the game and next is the exodus/ Movement of the people know that this is the present tense/ Giving you the gift of lyricism when I get intense/ This is the YS time to use your common sense/ No one but a saint could spit with this level of confidence/ Pent up and raging, feel the pressure so immense/ Cracking craniums causing comatose crucial consequence/ Offensive on the offense, deadly on the defense/ Peep our shattered lives and find shalom among the pieces/ Battle's where our peace is. you don't see the reasons/ Essay's in the canon dynamic love is the thesis/ Washed up like beaches, blood suck like leeches/ Captivate the masses using nonsensical speeches/ Deadly like bleaches they kidnap and seize kids/ By sound bytes alone that's how our nemesis is/ But change like the seasons will come, you'll see it/ We'll take back airwaves and you best believe this/ We're the Young Saints and this is the precipice/ Of change in the game you just heard the Genesis/

(HOOK) Before the beat drops/ Before the lights rise/ I need you to know that I need you by my side/ You're my beginning and I finally realize that/ You are the one/ That will make this come alive

This is the beginning of the end of an era/ It's supernatural call it Dean Winchester/ Impressive or not I dismantle the plot I spit bullets I fire suppressors/ And why would I do any lesser, eights on their side I could do this forever/ Some say they're real but like Toronto weather/ They change like a dime to the fake Brock Lesnar/ So I'm here to scratch up the record, murder the track then put it on a stretcher/ Master mind mapping make marvelous music/ Mesmerize masses, mobilize movements/ Today's hip hop is useless, focused on swagger and crack/ Focused on whip game but missing the fact that they're cracking their chains on their very own backs/ Slaves to their ways, I'll point em to that/ No Kunta Kente I'm free to attack or relax/ Do the former the latter's for when the sky cracks/ Bomb like Saddam there is no turning back/ I promise that, and I'mma promise this/ Verbal horsepower fly like it was Pegasus/ YS making war on the great abyss/ You ask when. this is the Genesis

(HOOK 2) You make me feel so alive/ You make me feel so alive/ You make me feel so alive/ You make me feel/

IT has begun welcome the movement/Get up and run, the revolution's/ Finally here, it's the solution to all of our problems and all of our fears/ Ready for tears, pain is promised/ But we're prepared for the worst, not even scared of the hurt/ Hope shining bright like a solar flare/ Comes from the Son so we know He's there/ The fight is painstaking so bloody it's rare/ Well done when finished we're almost there/ Enemies looking to rip and tear us apart/ But we ain't scared to depart/ It's been about God from the start/ Literally right from the start/ Back before Genesis He heard His heart/ The Light of the world pulled us out of the dark/ Life is a train wreck I didn't survive/ Til He hung and died and later revived/ Heard He was living and became alive/ Pulled from the wreckage that I was inside/ This is the movement, clearing the mist/ Breathing new life into carcasses/ This YSM is like Exodus/ Bringing the promise of Genesis/

(HOOK 2)