Gon' Get It

from by Scribe

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You can’t fight for your life without killing that is a fact/ I’m not living to kill these cats I’m a train and I murder tracks/ With my raps they be under wraps and by that I mean body sacks/ Can’t be gentle I make em crack Michael Ore contact/ Come against a saint that’s dangerous for your health/ Despite your wealth I got longer life on the shelf/ Fighting tooth and nail and you crying out for help?/ Look, brother I may own the drill but you screwed yourself/ I’m Usain meets the energizer bunny/ Flow is so cold it gets all of your noses runny/ Still an average joe I work minimum wage for money/ But I’m heir to a throne I’m so rich it ain’t even funny/ Grind Never Stops that’s the motto so I perspire/ Crush Every Limit call me monster truck tires/ They say it’s a long shot, don’t stoke the fire/ Cause I’m a C.O.G and I be a lyrical sniper

And if the bars stay ill but the verse sound wack/ We just came to have fun and we care bout that/ We gon get it (Aye) We gon get it (Aye)/ We gon get it (Aye) We gon get it (Aye)/ And if the flow stay strong and the lines all tight/ Then we did our job and we’ll rock all night/ We gon get it (Aye) We gon get it (Aye)/ We gon get it (Aye) We gon get it (Aye)/

(Verse 2)
Should you rise up like Wayne I will strike you like Bane/ Crack your dome like cocaine leave your brain insane/ Drip and drain every vein in your vain membrane/ Until your frame is the very dust from which it came/ That was to my old self, now to these heathens/ If hip-hops dead why your speakers still bleeding?/ Why you clutching at the bass hoping the beat will keep you breathing/ Bumping basics like Beliebers to have something to believe in/ So we’re here to seize your brain new terrain for the troops/ Fighting through a sea of men call it blue man group/ Our lines stretch for weeks they get strong as months move/ Years pass we’ll still echo in two thousand twenty two/ They say rapping’s a game so I guess I’ll play it like bop it/ Spinning twisting and flicking then pop it until I’m stopping/ No pause button on my life so my coffin is where I’m stopping/ Feed me beats I’m cookie monster I look once and get to chomping/


(Verse 3)
Used to be ten twenty five on the grind to survive/ Not enough to live in comfort while you trying to thrive/ But I got one hell of a stomach hunger keeps me alive/ Running the race I keep in stride keeping that pace until I die/ Or until God shakes me, wakes me, takes me up/ In a room full of geese man I’m tryna duck/ I ain’t here to run in circles I spent my life jumping hurdles/ When opportunity shows I won’t let it cut/ Step in the booth and wreck it like a natural disaster/ Incinerate the mic to ash Pokemon master/ Try to spit with substance now and then anti matter/ Only accept the praise I deserve won’t stay flattered/ Cause I’m Tdot’s own and I’m still unknown/ From Scarbs out to Rex GTAs been home/ Got a raised mind state like my brains Skydome/ See and tower over it all like my heights full grown/ Yup


from ORIGINS, released October 3, 2015
Lyrics: Joshua "Scribe" Watkis
Production: Brett Klassen
Mixed & Mastered: Tony Chaos



all rights reserved


Scribe Toronto, Ontario

Armed with an arsenal of pain, passion & a pen, Toronto native Scribe is a vivid storyteller through the arts of Hip-Hop & Spoken Word. His sharp lyricism & bold presence give his audience a clear picture of his world. Whether it's crowds of 20 in bars, or opening for The Roots in front of over 3000 at the 2015 Para Pan Am Games, the Emcee/Poet Scribe brings the same electric vibe to every show. ... more

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