Straight Jab

from by Scribe

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Straight Jab and no Hook/ Straight Jab and no Hook/Straight Jab and no hook/

(Verse 1)
Homie I wrote this verse above your frame of reference/ Literally plane altitude/ My mental masterpieces make many men miss my magnitude/ Mangled mazes made multiple mutilations/ Meta morphing my memories molding musical mass mutation/ Mixing Mickey’s made miniature mouse manifestations/ Maybe multiplying my massive metaphors, Mila Molten/ Got bars that’s hotter than Kunis melt martians who else could do this/ Some be in denial that my river like flow is fluid/ Too rapid for them to raft so they drowning, looking stupid/ Once they get it though, most doubters get shot in the heart like Cupid/ Was sniping at point blank, I won’t draw any to prove it/ There we go, I’m warming up like a furnace/ In case you ain’t catch my drift, I’m spitting weak bars on purpose/ Drop your call when I spit start listening like it’s sermons/ My bars fly higher than mars take that treat like it’s Sunday service


(Verse 2)
I’m more hungry in this game than Everdeen could ever be/ Cerebral assassinate those under this Hunters Pedigree/ Peddle me never, Cineplex grind for me cheddar/ Gouda, Swiss, Motza, and Feta so ill, getting better, so I still/ Weather the flare and the seasons that lack my pleasure/ I roll with the Son as ruler that’s perfect straight shine forever-more/ Singing hallelujah choruses like Paramore/ I’m bored with lames who keep saying that I can’t score/ When they could never walk a mile in my shoes, and if they could/ I bet their legs might feel real heavily bruised I bet they would/ Try to knock on it but their craters to my comet/ I’m stomach flu to their vomit/ A force with no Sith to stop it/ No snakes on my team but once or twice I’ve heard slithers/ Ain’t worried bout no rats since my sensai’s stronger than splinter/ Face my lyrical heat and liars like lilies wither/ Or jhave their egos beaten black and blue the Gros Sisters/
(HOOK 2)
Throw them Haymakers though! Throw them Haymakers though! Go on throw them Haymakers though

(Verse 3)
Abstract attack act and align/ Bump blasting bass between beelines/ Cats crave construction Don’t decline/ Each easy effort eats Felines/ Flatlines fakes, Generates grotesque gambles, growing hatred handles/ Hardly having handled inadequate, infallible/ Impractical jokers jesting Jesus just jabbered jokingly/ Keep kindling lamentations lacerations loose lifelines limitations/ Making maces most masons might mold now nations need notifications/ Our outlooks only obtained of our outside observations/ Pushing previous palpitations past Paramours preservations/ Question queens qualifications quite quickly quiet quotations/ Repeal resort reservations rap rapid real raw rotation/ Simultaneously sign signature so sinister similar sensation/ Taking two tries, too tempered to tackle trivial temptation/ Urging undertakers underground ugly ultrasounds/ Under ultraviolet ultimately urging ultraviolence/ Viewing witless xenophobes yelling zealous zone/ All these doubters are prone they don’t even know/ Some don’t know what they get, the alphabet/ Alliteration times twenty six verbally be Tony Hawk tongue flipping tricks/ Metaphors no stones and sticks to break your bones/ Pump your skull full of vocal tones and watch your whole dome split/ Hit like JFK but by DGK’s packing AK47s/ Was not a okay when the chopper sprayed he ain’t ever seeing Heaven/ See they’re broken squares and I’m running circles round em like a scope/ Pop shots for their cardiac aim to arrest that heart with hope/ I never pack heat but I fire spit heat like deep friars/ Ain’t a snitch but I stay wired waging war on wack empires/ Be a liar to say we’ve been okay, been down in real dire straints/ Could keep rapping to complain but I’m trusting in that name… Saints/


from ORIGINS, released October 3, 2015
Lyrics: Joshua "Scribe" Watkis
Production: Brett Klassen
Mixed & Mastered: Tony Chaos



all rights reserved


Scribe Toronto, Ontario

Armed with an arsenal of pain, passion & a pen, Toronto native Scribe is a vivid storyteller through the arts of Hip-Hop & Spoken Word. His sharp lyricism & bold presence give his audience a clear picture of his world. Whether it's crowds of 20 in bars, or opening for The Roots in front of over 3000 at the 2015 Para Pan Am Games, the Emcee/Poet Scribe brings the same electric vibe to every show. ... more

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