The Genesis (Feat. Bethany Lahn)

from by Scribe

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This Is the Genesis you stand on the precipice/ Of change in the game and next is the exodus/ Movement of the people know that this is the present tense/ Giving you the gift of lyricism when I get intense/ This is the YS time to use your common sense/ No one but a saint could spit with this level of confidence/ Pent up and raging, feel the pressure so immense/ Cracking craniums causing comatose crucial consequence/ Offensive on the offense, deadly on the defense/ Peep our shattered lives and find shalom among the pieces/ Battle's where our peace is. you don't see the reasons/ Essay's in the canon dynamic love is the thesis/ Washed up like beaches, blood suck like leeches/ Captivate the masses using nonsensical speeches/ Deadly like bleaches they kidnap and seize kids/ By sound bytes alone that's how our nemesis is/ But change like the seasons will come, you'll see it/ We'll take back airwaves and you best believe this/ We're the Young Saints and this is the precipice/ Of change in the game you just heard the Genesis/

(HOOK) Before the beat drops/ Before the lights rise/ I need you to know that I need you by my side/ You're my beginning and I finally realize that/ You are the one/ That will make this come alive

This is the beginning of the end of an era/ It's supernatural call it Dean Winchester/ Impressive or not I dismantle the plot I spit bullets I fire suppressors/ And why would I do any lesser, eights on their side I could do this forever/ Some say they're real but like Toronto weather/ They change like a dime to the fake Brock Lesnar/ So I'm here to scratch up the record, murder the track then put it on a stretcher/ Master mind mapping make marvelous music/ Mesmerize masses, mobilize movements/ Today's hip hop is useless, focused on swagger and crack/ Focused on whip game but missing the fact that they're cracking their chains on their very own backs/ Slaves to their ways, I'll point em to that/ No Kunta Kente I'm free to attack or relax/ Do the former the latter's for when the sky cracks/ Bomb like Saddam there is no turning back/ I promise that, and I'mma promise this/ Verbal horsepower fly like it was Pegasus/ YS making war on the great abyss/ You ask when. this is the Genesis

(HOOK 2) You make me feel so alive/ You make me feel so alive/ You make me feel so alive/ You make me feel/

IT has begun welcome the movement/Get up and run, the revolution's/ Finally here, it's the solution to all of our problems and all of our fears/ Ready for tears, pain is promised/ But we're prepared for the worst, not even scared of the hurt/ Hope shining bright like a solar flare/ Comes from the Son so we know He's there/ The fight is painstaking so bloody it's rare/ Well done when finished we're almost there/ Enemies looking to rip and tear us apart/ But we ain't scared to depart/ It's been about God from the start/ Literally right from the start/ Back before Genesis He heard His heart/ The Light of the world pulled us out of the dark/ Life is a train wreck I didn't survive/ Til He hung and died and later revived/ Heard He was living and became alive/ Pulled from the wreckage that I was inside/ This is the movement, clearing the mist/ Breathing new life into carcasses/ This YSM is like Exodus/ Bringing the promise of Genesis/

(HOOK 2)


from ORIGINS, released October 3, 2015
Lyrics: Joshua "Scribe" Watkis
Guest Vocals: Bethany Lahn
Production: Jake Bursey
Mixed & Mastered: Tony Chaos



all rights reserved


Scribe Toronto, Ontario

Armed with an arsenal of pain, passion & a pen, Toronto native Scribe is a vivid storyteller through the arts of Hip-Hop & Spoken Word. His sharp lyricism & bold presence give his audience a clear picture of his world. Whether it's crowds of 20 in bars, or opening for The Roots in front of over 3000 at the 2015 Para Pan Am Games, the Emcee/Poet Scribe brings the same electric vibe to every show. ... more

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