Walk of Shame (Feat. Myles Castello)

from by Scribe

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Head bowed, eyes half closed slow strides/ Sidewalks, dodge cracks, made moms cry/ With lies now truth can’t help my case/ Filthy hands cover my face/ Embrace it today the walk of shame/ For like the eighteenth time, I can feel the strain/ Tell me how the hell I’m supposed to talk to God again/ When I wear sin on my neck like it’s a limestone chain/ While I dive into a lake of confessional paper cranes/ The paper cuts bleed enough to make Sahara out my veins/ And it’s strange, God I thought You’d save me by now/ Down and out, I thought that You would raise me by now/ Soul in drought, I thought that You were reigning right now/ You said You were my fortress but I’m breaking somehow/ Guilt on my hands and I can’t get the stains out/ So I entertain doubts as I’m numbing my pain out/ Like damn

Head down, walk of shame, no one no one can, feel my pain. Head up, I call your name, take my take my hand, down the lane.
Been a long while since I last flashed a real smile/ Been ever longer since I felt loved/ To be honest lately I’ve preferred lust/ The feelings more appealing at first like love bugs/ But the more I try to live with its lies its lethal/ Cause it’s not bodies that I’m sinning against, it’s people/ To every woman that I’ve used, should have treated you regal/ Used you like heroine instead, leaving us feeble/ And even if it’s to cope every excuse is a joke/ There’s never reason to babble about a lesser evil/ Donning a suit of armor like I’m Don Chedal/ Replacing light hues in deepening darker sequels/ If I’m honest my heart’s still cracked, still broken/ I leave my arms wide but my hearts not open/ Pains unspoken, it has been for years/ So much so, I’ve picked back up the bottle, cheers/


I wake up my hands shaking, heart racing/ Vomit all on my clothes, vodkas what I’m tasting/ Mind racing tryna trace my thoughts I’m steady pacing/ Back and forth across my memory it’s black out vacant/ Gotta slow down, you home now/ I can’t let anyone know I’ve lost control now/ So ashamed of what I’ve done can’t even look at the sun/ Was piss drunk, can’t act like I was even having fun/ Liquor to my liver as deadly as lead shots/ Supposed to be leading youth groups but there’s knots/ In my gut, I’m a hypocrite help me Jesus I’m sick of it/ I need your grace to change me, You say that it has no limit so/ Head raised, eyes half closed slow strides/ Fold hands, bow knees, heave deep sighs/ I know I won’t be perfect, but to know You is worth it/ And if I can love You, I will try/


from ORIGINS, released October 3, 2015
Lyrics: Joshua "Scribe" Watkis & Myles Castello
Production: Brett Klassen
Mixed & Mastered: Tony Chaos



all rights reserved


Scribe Toronto, Ontario

Armed with an arsenal of pain, passion & a pen, Toronto native Scribe is a vivid storyteller through the arts of Hip-Hop & Spoken Word. His sharp lyricism & bold presence give his audience a clear picture of his world. Whether it's crowds of 20 in bars, or opening for The Roots in front of over 3000 at the 2015 Para Pan Am Games, the Emcee/Poet Scribe brings the same electric vibe to every show. ... more

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